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Hey I'm Erika! 

A bubbly, born and raised Londoner who found purpose in graphic and website design!

Since July 2020, I've been dedicated  to helping beauty professionals like aestheticians, lash technicians, MUAs, hair stylists, and product-based beauty brands grow through clean, feminine, and solution-based designs.

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The mission

I'm on a mission to empower ambitious women in the beauty industry (like you) to invest into their dreams through impactful branding, website design and graphics!
Client success is at the heart of what I do!

What's in it for you?

Two words - Problem solving! ​


A huge pet peeve of mine is designs that look great visually, but have no real strategy behind them!


Every investment you make in your business should bring you closer and closer to achieving your goals - whether that's attracting higher-paying clients, increasing sales or simply growing in professionalism.


This is why I bring a strategic design approach to the table, collaborating with clients and asking the right questions to identify specific challenges and help get closer to overcoming them!


3 Statements I absolutely live by!



"Keep it clean, keep it simple" 

Simplicity is the bee's knees! But don't get me wrong, it doesn't have to be boring. After years of working with clients, designing my own stuff, and just experimenting with design, I've discovered that the simplest designs are where its at when it comes to getting a message across. 

Your business is your baby, and I'm its virtual aunty! As your designer, I'll treat your business with care and dedication, ensuring your branding and website reflects your unique brand and engages your audience. My goal is to provide a seamless, visually appealing online experience, fostering your business's growth and success.


"Aunty Erika"

"Let's do things properly the first time"


I'm 100% a perfectionist and have a tendency to fixate on everything I do, but that also means I like doing things well the first time round. No rushing projects, or leaving things till the last minute and compromising on quality! 

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