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As a beauty service provider, do you ever wonder how potential clients perceive your business online?

Not just on your social media, your booking site too! 

Let’s create a great first impression, and get you started with a booking site design you'll be proud of. A stunning, well-organised Acuity booking site makes reading through policies more of an exciting experience for clients leading up to their appointment, rather than it feeling like a chore. Present your work in its best light, brand your business beyond your social media page and secure even more bookings!









Acuity Design

  • All acuity sites come with a JPEG policy and information redesign, with a hyperlink button of your choice. 

    Setting up includes adding your services, add-ons, service descriptions and service images

    • Services (up to 15)

    • Images of your services - provide clarity and help clients identify and understand the offerings

    • Add ons 

    • Categories

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